Nurturing emerging talent has always been a passion for gallery director Laura Noble. Through lectures, seminars, symposiums and personal consultation sessions L A Noble Gallery can help you to realise your full potential both creatively and professionally.

These sessions can be delivered on site or via Skype for both individuals and groups. We advise on a vast array of subjects here are some of the most popular:

Guidance with your work:

We can give you advice on your current and future projects, developing your work to its full potential.

Editioning and pricing your work: 

This is key to ensuring your work will retain its value in the future and its placement within the secondary market. Answering questions such as, 'How many is too many?' and 'What size or sizes should I offer with regard to one image or series of images?' We can advise you on finding the correct pricing level for your work at every stage of your career and help you to avoid the pitfalls of over or under priced work.

Curatorial advice and presentation:

Editing your portfolio, to maximise its impact to potential clients and buyers.

Book layout, curation and editing:

If you are about to embark on a publication and need advice on the edit or layout to optimise its impact why not book a session with us.

Exhibiting and curating exhibitions:

We offer guidance to help you sett up your exhibition from its initial stages, curation and final display.

Making your website work for you:

Ensuring your website has the maximum visual impact and professional design to attract the right audience including galleries, curators and prospective buyers of your work. This often includes editing or expanding the content to suit your professional requirements.

Group seminars:

These can be delivered on site, at your office, school, university or via Skype at a time to suit your group or class. We can focus on specific topics of interest or give a broader introductory seminar. These can be booked for groups for a fixed fee for groups of 12+ or priced per person for smaller groups.

Marketing and promotion:

How to gain maximum exposure for your work in the media and via social networking platforms. 

Who are these sessions aimed at?

Anyone with an interest in photography at any level who wishes to pursue a career in the commercial or art industry.

How do I book a session?

Click the envelope symbol below to contact us via email - please mark the subject line 'Mentoring Inquiry'.


1 hour session: £99

2 X 1 hour session: £180

3 X 1 hour session: £285

4 X 1 hour session: £375

5 X 1 hour session: £470

6 X 1 hour session: £525

Gift vouchers for these sessions can be purchased. Purchased vouchers can be sent via email or by post.

*To secure a booking payment in advance is required. Payments are non refundable.

Studio Visit with 1.5 hour session: £240 *For sessions outside zone 1 & 2 additional travel fees may apply.

*Mentoring sessions to be completed within six months. Subsequent sessions are done via Skype.


Laura gave direct feedback and suggestions and I think that is very valuable when moving forward.
— Anita
She has given me lots of key references to read up and study, which will help me develop my creative language.