28 November - 1 December 2018

28 November - 1 December 2018

FIX Photo 2018

Now in its third year, FIX Photo Festival will be held at the stunning new venue Menier Gallery. This Grade II listed building was once a chocolate factory, situated in the beating heart of London minutes from London Bridge, Borough Market and Tate Modern to name but a few cultural highlights. Again we embrace the combination of displaying great works of photographic art inside a notable architectural gem.

Exhibiting 16 solo artists and the finalists and winners of the FIX Photo Awards we strive to issue a positive challenge to the social and cultural divisions of the past year through the presentation of work based on the four themes of this year’s festival: CONNECTION, ESSENCE, STRUCTURE and YEAR OF THE WOMAN.


We are delighted to exhibit Rhiannon Adam, Shahidul Alam, Zaklina Anderson, Emily Bitcon, Karl Blossfeldt, Chloe Bowman, Robert Clayton, Sandra Jordan, David Hoffman, Lisa Holden, Christian Nilson, Helén Petersen, Robert D. Phillips, Einar Sira, Chloe Rosser and Chris Steele-Perkins this year. To see their work click on their artists pages or invited artists page.

Portfolio Review Day

Thursday 29 November 11:00 - 14:00

There are limited sessions available on a first come first serve basis. Each session is with FIX founder & LANG Director Laura Noble advising on all things photographic. Bring your portfolio as prints, PDF on a laptop or tablet. Don’t forget to bring a notebook.

Each 20 minute session is £20 (no concessions)

©David Hoffman

©David Hoffman

Freedom of Expression: Panel discussion 

Thursday 29 November 15:00 - 16:30

In light of the current precarious climate regarding the safety of photographer’s and journalists around the world we will be holding a panel discussion with Rhiannon Adam (photographer), David Hoffman (photographer) and Fariha Karim (Staff writer at The Times / Photojournalist). 

Rhiannon Adam placed herself on the notorious island of Pitcairn, unable to leave for three months under constant threat of sexual assault for her project Big Fence / Pitcairn Island. Since the 1960’s David Hoffman has been at the forefront photographing protests, often placing himself at risk to capture the cause. Fariha Karim is a writer and reporter for The Times. A sometime photographer, she has previously worked as an assistant to the acclaimed Bangladeshi photojournalist and activist Shahidul Alam on the Crossfire exhibition documenting extrajudicial killings in the country. She previously studied at the Pathshala institute of photography in Dhaka while working as a stringer for newspapers including the Guardian.

Led by Laura Noble all three panellists will speak about their personal experiences. We will be discussing the importance of being able to freely document and display images to the world without fear. In light of the #MeToo movement and amidst growing hostility towards the media we ask how as individuals can tackle difficult situations when in the line of fire.

Ticket price:

£5 per person 

Left to right: Chloe Rosser, Laura Noble, Del Barrett, Karen Harvey, Jude Hull, Renée Jacobs.

Left to right: Chloe Rosser, Laura Noble, Del Barrett, Karen Harvey, Jude Hull, Renée Jacobs.

Symposium: Women FIX Photography

Friday 30 November: 14.00 - 17.30 Talk & Panel Discussion / 18.00 - 21.00 Evening Networking Event

The networking evening event is available for those with a dual symposium ticket only.

Book early to avoid disappointment.

To open the up the dialogue on one of our key themes Year Of The Woman we invite you to join us for an afternoon symposium and a post-symposium networking event for further discussions in a more informal setting.

Women FIX Photography will be discussing the role of women in a male-dominated industry in this the same year as the 100th anniversary of Women’s Suffrage. Although women studying photography are in the majority (85% in the UK and similar figures in Europe) only 15% of the industry is female. Why is this so? We will be discussing the reasons and potential solutions to this imbalance with a frank discussion exploring the transition from being a student to becoming a successful professional practitioner.

The symposium will begin with a talk by Chloe Rosser, whose recent solo exhibition ‘Form & Function’ gained her great critical acclaim. Her work pushes the boundaries of the nude and its presentation in the history of art, made more apparent in this current #metoo era. Rosser’s newly published Limited Edition book of the same name will be launched at FIX also, with signed copies available on the day. The book was made possible through a successful crowdfunding campaign. She will talk about the pros and cons of crowdfunding and best practice as a female artist in a patriarchal climate.

After a short break we will commence the panel discussion and q&a.

Panel discussion: Laura Noble (LANG Director / Curator of FIX Photo Festival) will be leading a panel discussion with:

Del Barrett - Vice President of the Royal Photographic Society and instigator of #HundredHeroines, an international campaign to raise the profile of female photographers. As a linguist she specialises in Language and Power, particularly re-construction of the Other and the manipulation of language for political purposes. She is also an avid photobook collector.

Chloe Rosser - Artist. Her work will be on display at FIX and she will discuss her experience in the art world as a rising talent in the contemporary art scene.

Jude Hull - Head of Sale, Photographs, Christie’s. Jude Hull’s invaluable insights into the world of the art auction and secondary photography market will shine some light upon the wide gap in sales prices historically of female photographers and how we can work to change them.

Karen Harvey - Director of Shutter Hub. Karen Harvey is well known to many photographers as a firm supporter of women in the industry. Shutter Hub provides opportunities and to all those practising photography professionally, creating events, exhibitions and a large online community for members to thrive.

Renée Jacobs - Photographer and Founder of Photo de Femmes Festival and imaginarium. Renée Jacobs' nudes have been published and exhibited around the world. She is a fierce advocate of recapturing the ‘female gaze’ and women's agency in how they are depicted in art and photographic history. She runs workshops at her home in the South of France and is the Executive Director of the new photo festival, Photos de Femmes, based on the premise: "Women can't be heard if we can't be seen." 

After the panel discussion and q&a, we will have a brief interval before commencing the networking event. *Refreshments will be provided at the evening event. As well as the speakers, some of the FIX Photo solo artists will also be joining us for the evening event.

PLEASE NOTE: The networking evening event is available for those with a dual ticket only. Tickets are available in limited numbers.

Ticket prices:

Symposium only £15 / £10 concession

Symposium & Networking Evening £25 / £20 concession

Concessions are available: (Student, Jobseeker, Senior 60+, Disabled: Companion free) with ID provided on the day for entry. *Please note that due to the nature of the building the event is not wheelchair accessible.

Chloe Rosser Book Launch

Form & Function_Book Cover.jpg

Chloe Rosser launched her new book Form & Function at FIX Photo Festival. This beautiful book is available in a limited edition of 750 copies priced £35.



NEW VENUE for 2018 in the heart of London!

NEW VENUE for 2018 in the heart of London!

VenueMenier Gallery, 51 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1RU

Tel: +44 (0)207 407 3222

FIX Opening Hours: 
Wednesday 28 November    11:00 - 18:00
Thursday 29 November        11:00 - 18:00
Friday 30 November             11:00 - 18:00
Saturday 1 December.           11:00 - 15:00

Tube / Overground: London Bridge / Borough


FIX Photo Festival 2017

In case you missed it - enjoy this tour of FIX Photo Festival 2017!

Images by ©Miriam Strong

Video created by ©Amy Karczewski

FIX Photo Festival 2017


In this, the second year of the festival, FIX Photo is curated in response to the consequences of the dramatic political shifts of 2016. Exhibiting artists will issue a positive challenge to the social and cultural divisions of the past year through the presentation of work connected by four key themes:

Identity, Community, Unity & Harmony and Environment.

Featuring artists from four continents - each with their own unique view of the world, including:

Zaklina Anderson, Susan Barnett, Richard Bram, Brittain Bright, Alicia Bruce, Carlotta Cardana, Mike Crawford, Yvonne De Rosa, Giovanna Del Sarto, Elaine Duigenan, Jessa Fairbrother, Mischa Haller, Sandra Jordan, Grant Legassick, Holly Lynton,  Celine Marchbank, Christian Nilson, Robert D. Phillips, Kuriko Sano, Herb Schmitz, Einar Sira, Chris Steele-Perkins and Kevin Vucic-Shepherd. 

All enquires regarding FIX please email:  fixphotofestival@gmail.com

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With thanks to our supporters 

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Previous FIX Photo Festivals

FIX Photo 2016

13 - 22 May 

Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf,  London


L A Noble Gallery (LANG) is proud to present FIX Photo - an annual celebration of exemplary photography in all its forms. FIX Photo is produced and curated by LANG Director Laura Noble. With events and workshops throughout and artworks and publications for sale there is something for everyone to discover. This free exhibition of photography includes works by a vast array of domestic and international talent from LANG and invited artists. FIX Photo explores many facets of the photographic medium. 

FIX Photo offers audiences the opportunity for an enlightening, enriching and inspiring journey through the diverse and tangled channels and tributaries of contemporary photography.

Artists include:

Emily Allchurch, Deborah Baker, Tom Broadbent, Renée Chabot, Robert Clayton, Lisa Creagh, Lottie Davies, Venetia Dearden, Hendrik Faure, Memymom, Mischa Haller,  Marta Kochanek, Holly Lynton,  Alex Poll, Sarah Reuter, Chloe Rosser, Einar Sira and Chris Steele-Perkins. You can view their profiles by clicking on the images below. 

FIX Photo is proud to collaborate with Schilt Gallery with four of their represented artists included in the exhibition. These artists are, Lucia Ganieva, Cig Harvey, Yola Monakhov Stockton, and Edward Thompson.

Guests are also invited to visit our Perky Blenders cafe providing coffee, snacks and coffee based cocktails. There are also books on offer by Schilt Publishing, LANG artists and independent publications. Wild Card Brewery bar on the third floor also offers the chance to unwind surrounded by stunning photography with beers on tap, wine and cocktails.

The show will include a series of events including curator led tours, artist talks, film screenings, book signings and a programme of workshops. A full listing of events will be available upon request, dates tbc.