Art Consultation:

Whether you are building a collection from scratch or want to refine the one you have we can help. We provide a complete art consultancy for private and corporate collections.

Starting a collection:

Working with a specific remit or budget in mind we can help you develop the collection that is right for you. Whether it be for a residential or commercial space we can tailor it to fit your taste and compliment your interior design and decor, be it classic or contemporary. If you wish to collect for corporate investment, pass onto future generations or just expand your enjoyment of the medium we can provide you with a sound introduction to collecting.

Developing a collection:

Looking to expand an existing collection?

We can find works that compliment your current collection so that it can become your dream collection.

Sourcing work: Finding specific works by an artist or to fit a theme you already have and commission works by artists.

We work for you: This is tailored to you at every level, from choosing work to curating and hanging it. 

 Collecting for investment:

Finding art that will work for you in the future. We commission emerging and established artists for our clients. We listen to your needs. If you wish to rehouse a collection or re-frame works to accentuate or update a collection, we provide a bespoke service to accommodate your requirements.

To book a consultation please email us at

©Simon Harutyuunyan - Courtesy of L A Noble Gallery

©Simon Harutyuunyan - Courtesy of L A Noble Gallery

COLLECTING COURSE: At the gallery or your home/office

Due to popular demand, we offer a great 3 hour course to kickstart your collecting muscles:

‘Collecting For Beginners’  consists of three lectures and a workshop which is aimed at the collector who would like to begin or expand their collection with confidence. Photographer’s may also find this course invaluable to learn more about how the market works and to understand the mindset of the photography collector.


1. Collecting Photography

The basic knowledge you need to begin to collect photography and the importance of research. This includes key information on how to source, buy, conserve and build a collection.

2. Photobooks: some key works to look at, how to spot a future classic and the value that a great photobook library can have as a resource and as an investment.

3. How editions work – Why a photograph has value

Editioning is a key factor for all budding collectors and photographer’s keen to enter the market. The size of an edition can dramatically alter an artist’s sales and the position they hold within the art market. Understanding the reasoning behind limited editions and the classification of a print such as a vintage, modern or posthumous print has a great bearing upon its worth. By learning the way in which editions work you can purchase with confidence and photographers can avoid being bracketed at the lower end of the market.


 Curating your collection

This is where you put what you have learned into practice and really get into the collectors mindset. A very useful and fun exercise for both photographers and new collectors alike.

Also includes:

Refreshments will be provided throughout and we also recommend that you bring a notebook with you.


£150 per person (non refundable). As places are very limited booking is essential and payment is required in advance.

(One full day or 3 evening sessions for groups of 15 or more) £300 per person / group discounts for over 5 persons/students/OAP’s

Contact: For more information on upcoming course dates or to reserve a place email (Private Evenings also available)


Advice on editing and pricing your work. Career development. Please see our mentoring page for full details.


How to Collect Photography, by Laura Noble

For the Observer - Sun 14 Oct 2018