Kuriko Sano

Born in Kanagawa, Japan in 1975 Kuriko Sano’s objective portrayals of her native land conjure minimal notions and emotions present in the traditions of abstract expressionism. Predominantly working in black and white medium format. Her works are exquisitely printed in silver gelatin, thus maximising the striking contrast in her tonal range and detailed imagery.

Her pictures cast heavy psychological shadows as objects, architecture, landscape and interiors are reduced to their structure and form through Sano’s concise compositions.

Sano states, “When a scene presents itself to me, some forms rise up as some forms sink down.

The names and meanings of things slip away, the inherent beauty and menace become unveiled.

It makes me aware of ice islands, which spread away and drift. Then aspects and forms isolate one another, but also merge with nearby objects delicately. I feel its exclusive grace.

The images I capture fill me with a strangeness, wondering if I really was there; while at the same time serve as a record that I was, in fact, present.”

Kuriko Sano’s work has been exhibited globally and in public collections including the National Library of France in Paris.