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Still Life & Death - works by Hendrik Faure & Karl Blossfeldt

L A Noble Gallery is pleased to announce the first exhibition in the UK by German photographer Hendrik Faure featuring works from his series Photogravuren: Pictures on decay, beauty and death, alongside a selection of works by fellow countryman Karl Blossfeldt.

Born in 1951, Faure previously studied medicine in the late 60’s and early 70’s, ultimately specialising in psychiatry, which he still practices today. His photographs, naturally and instinctively display an enormous depth of understanding of the psychological as well as the physical world. Since the 1990’s his focus has been using the fine art techniques of the dark room: hand-coloured photos, cyanotypes, photogravures and mixed media and more recently owing to restricted movement he has concentrated on still life photogravures at his home in Reiffenhausen. Each print can take up to three days to produce and must be done using only one hand.

Alongside Faure’s work L A Noble Gallery will be displaying a selection of photogravures of Karl Blossfeldt from his book Urformen der Kunst (Art Forms in Nature). Blossfeldt published this work in 1928, preceding Faure by seventy years at the age of sixty-three, coincidentally the same age as Faure today.  Blossfeldt’s plant structures complement the forms from nature predominant in Faure’s work and the still life genre accentuates the transience of both life and the photographic moment. The product of both artists is also the result of painstakingly detailed work in the studio and carefully calculated studies in formal arrangement.

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