John Kippin

Since the 1970’s John Kippin has been a central figure in the photography world through his work, writing and teaching, especially in the North-East of England. His photographs can be found in numerous collections including the Victoria & Albert museum, the Arts Council of England and the British Council.

Although his photographic themes are exceptionally varied, he is best known for his post-industrial landscapes. Investigating how people and places are related and in what way they connect and influence whom we become are central to Kippin’s practice.

 Politics and power intersect with the landscape and sky in the form of factories, aircraft, architecture, housing and wasteland. He places questions about heritage, tourism and identity often with wry observations of past and present. Not without a sense of humour words contrast with images such as the title work of the seires of the same name NOSTALGIA FOR THE FUTURE whereby an old caravan parked on a beach looking to sea is obstructed by a rusty boat blocking the view entirely. The dual notions of nostalgic reminiscence and the reality of the good old days being more jaded than we remember. Perhaps the caravan will be the next rusty vehicle left to rot in the otherwise picturesque landscape.

 His extensive archive is available through LANG, to enquire about a specific series please contact us.