FIX Photo 2016 Workshops

Friday 13 May | Marta Kochanek | 11.00 - 18.15 | £150

A full day photographic workshop with award winning photographer Marta Kochanek. With set and lighting provided, Marta will run through various experimental lighting set-ups, allowing participants to direct her as well as make use of the set-up themselves. You are welcome to bring your camera so that you can take your own images. The latter part of the day will take the form of a professional practice talk covering everything from structuring your portfolio, pricing your work, editioning and copyright law. Not only is this a great opportunity to learn from a professional, you will also be able to sit for Marta who will provide you with a portrait, to be sent later by post.

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Tuesday 17 May | Sarah Reuter | 11.00 - 14.00 | £75

A mixed ability workshop for people of all photographic and craft backgrounds in which participants are invited to think beyond the photograph, exploring photography as art therapy. Through a variety of methods including collage, embroidery and more, the workshop’s aim is to get people to challenge the limitations of the two dimensional image. With a short talk about her own practice as well as discussing other practitioners, Sarah will lead participants through a series of techniques, after which you are free to work with a variety of materials which will be provided. Participants are welcome to bring any materials and photographs they might wish to use and which might benefit from some emotional exploration. 

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Tuesday 17 May | Robert Clayton | 15.30 - 18.30 | £75

An advanced workshop where participants are invited to connect with their community through photography. Theory specific discussion prior to taking images with an afternoon of critique and discussion. This would be ideal for those with an interest in pursuing photography both personally and professionally. The workshop will begin with a talk from Robert Clayton before going off site to explore and take photographs of the local area. Under Clayton’s technical and theoretical guidance, you are welcome to use any type of digital camera, including camera phones. Upon returning to Bargehouse participants will engage in a group discussion to help edit and sequence their work. Attendee’s are also invited to bring a portfolio or project they wish to discuss with the group. Participants are required to bring their own camera, any and all types are welcome, including camera phones. 

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Friday 20 May | Lottie Davies | 11.00 - 18.00 | £150

A full day advanced workshop for photographers and student photographers, exploring narrative in photography. Working with stories, actors and lighting, this immersive workshop is aimed at inspiring new ways of working and creating narrative images. The workshop will begin with a short lecture from Lottie Davies about her approach to her own work, a group discussion session around character, story-telling and directing. This will be followed by practical photography sessions where the participants will be encouraged to create their own images working with actors and location, under the guidance of Lottie and her assistant Rowan Spray. Participants should, if possible, bring a DSLR and tripod.

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